Our History

North Vancouver Piano store since 2002

Vancouver Music Gallery, previously known as First Music Piano Warehouse & Showroom, is a small business started by Shirley & Graham Shannon in 2002 by importing pianos accessories from Italy. Shirley and her husband Graham with their love for music spend much of their time expanding the business. With her passion for the retail industry, Shirley soon convinced her husband to open a small music store on the North Shore specialized in pianos.

Distribution Piano Accessories

First Store

First Store


In 2004, with the help of Peter Gomes, the piano technician, the two couples opened up a small North Vancouver piano store, on 1st Street West side and started selling upright pianos, grand pianos, piano benches and other related accessories. Since the store was on 1st street, the owners named it First Music Store.

The First Showroom

Piano benches and other Piano Accessories


Piano lamps, music stands, digital pianos were soon added to the product line. Shirley continued to import piano accessories, mainly piano benches from Italy and china. With the help of her extended piano bench line, the store soon became famous among pianists in North and West Vancouver.

The start of the retail business

First Retail Store

First Music Store

Move to Hanes Avenue, North Vancouver


In 2006, First Music, moved to a bigger facility on Hanes avenue, close to Capilano Mall. The business was growing and more work had to be done.

New Location on Hanes

In Early 2007, the couple decided to retire to pursue their sailing dreams. Soon after, the couple decided to hand the management over to Highlander Enterprises, to manage and expand the business even further.

New Store on Hanes

North Vancouver’s Independent Music Store


By late 2007, due to the increasing cost of rent, most of the music shops on the North Shore were either closed or had moved away leaving North Vancouver musicians with no choice but having to drive further out to find what they were looking for. That's when the opportunity came for First Music to carry other musical instruments than pianos to meet the demand of the musicians around North Vancouver. As a result, guitars, violins and some wind instruments were added to the showroom. The word spread fast about First Music Store being the new North Vancouver guitar and violin store.

New Instruments

Guitars, violins, music accessories and more


In 2008, the store was renovated to increase the capacity of its showroom by cutting back from its warehouse space. New colors, lights, a larger showroom and a wider selection of acoustic guitars , classical guitars, electric guitars, violins, pianos and music accessories changed the image of the retail outlet. First Music had become much more than North Vancouver’s piano store. Now in VMG, we have guitar for sale, classical guitar for sale, electric guitar for sale, and used guitar for sale too,  we also have violins for sale, used violins for sale, and we have hand made violin for sale too.


renovated showroom

Vancouver Music Gallery, serving the Lower Mainland


Today. Since the shareholders decided to serve the whole Greater Vancouver area, the name of the store changed to Vancouver Music Gallery, or VMG. Backed by huge financial support from Highlander Enterprises, supportive staff and great management VMG has now become synonym with great service in the whole Lower Mainland in British Columbia.

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