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Guitars at Vancouver Music Gallery

North Vancouver’s Guitar Store

Vancouver Music Gallery offers a selection of classical, acoustic, electric, 12-string and bass guitars. When we chose to carry guitars in our store to meet the needs of local guitarists, we decided to look first at guitars that were made in Canada. After carefully studying the various brands of Canadian-made guitars we have decided to become North Vancouver’s authorized Godin guitar shop.

Why Godin Guitars

Godin guitars have been building guitars since the early 90s. The business was started by luthier Robert Godin who still designs most of the Godin guitars. All Godin guitars are hand made in Quebec or New Hampshire, Canada in small operations where every employee feels accountable. Godin creates high quality guitars of all three types: classical, acoustic and electric. What makes the Godin guitars so different is the focus on creating variations in high quality feels and sounds rather than designing guitars as fashion accessories. Godin care about aesthetics too, but their real dedication comes to creating instruments that offer unique musical possibilities.

Guitar services and repair

At Vancouver Music Gallery we take pride in the quality of our service. We are here to help you at every step, from taking the time in assisting you in choosing the guitar that is the perfect match to your musical style, budget and even personality, to cleaning and polishing your guitar to make it look like new again before a gig, and finally to ordering new pieces and repairing your favorite instrument.

Guitar cases, guitar accessories and equipment.

We also sell guitar accessories such as picks, amplifiers, guitar straps, bridges, guitar cases, cables, tuners and guitar strings.

Other guitars:

Want to buy a cheap guitar in Vancouver?

Art & Lutherie guitar for sale now,

Also we have Beaver Creek, Micraft, Tradition, Jasmine, those low price, cheap acoustic guitars for sale and cheap classic guitars for sale too which is good for beginners, spend less than $100 you will get a student package which includes a Micraft acoustic guitar or St. Lyra Classical guitar and a music stand and a guitar stand and a electric tunner.